What's Next?  This is our meet and greet with the Pastor.  If you are interested in knowing more about Pathway Christian Church and ready to find out what is the "Next" step for you see our Connection Center before and after church or fill out the forum at the bottom of the page to meet with and ask questions with the Pastor.
Next step classes coming up: Keep look for upcoming dates and times.

Ownership Class 101
"What does it mean to be an owner of Pathway Christian Church?"  This is our 101 class to find out all about us and what we are about. (we offer it this every 3 months.)

Aug. 20th right after church is the next 101 class.

The Process 201.
"Where am I at?"  This is our Discipleship class to find out where you are at in the process.  Ever wondered how you can use the gifts God has given you?  Or how to use them and where to use them this is the class for you.  (we offer it every 3 months.)

Aug. 27th right after church. in the next 201 class.